Sorted oat soup

Oat soup is one of the most important Ramadan dishes 💕 The easiest and most delicious soup that tastes delicious on the brain 😍 We will show you how to sort it







600g lamb meat (cut on the bone)
2 grated white onions


How to prepare

  1. step 1

    Sauté the onions with garlic, add the chicken stock cube, spices and meat, and stir

  2. step 2

    Add the tomatoes and tomato paste and let it marinate for half an hour

  3. step 3

    Add water and oats, fine or coarse as desired, and let them cook for a quarter of an hour

  4. step 4

    We remove it from the heat (it is better for it to be heavy so that it is easy to freeze it), put it in molds and put it in the freezer.

  5. step 5

    When used, we take it out of the freezer and put a little water and soup in the pot and leave it on a quiet fire until it is hot and boils and served