Cheese Bahraini dessert

For lovers of Bahraini desserts 😍 Our recipe for today is delicious Bahraini cheese and there is no mistake 👌 Try it and good luck to you 🏻






Cheese mixture (in a blender cup)

2 containers of yogurt, the best Greek
1 cup milk powder


second layer

500 g Bahraini sweets (half a box)
With a quarter cup of wa


to serve

Pieces of sesame and pistachio discs

How to prepare

  1. step 1

    Mix the base and arrange it in a cheesecake mold

  2. step 2

    Mix the cheese layer in the blender of the cup or the processor, distribute it on the base, and put it in the oven for 8 minutes from the bottom and top until it solidifies without changing its color, and let it cool completely

  3. step 3

    Cut the Bahraini sweets, put them in a pot, pour a quarter cup of water over them, and put them on low heat until they crumble without melting

  4. step 4

    We distribute it evenly over the cheese and put it in the refrigerator until it cools, and when serving, we cut it and decorate it