Date cheese with coffee

Today we have a winter recipe for you. We prepared date cheese






First layer

250 g crushed digestive biscuits (small box)
100 g melted b

Second layer

A box and a half of cream
20 pitted dates
1 teaspoon Nes

Third layer

3/4 can of sweetened condensed milk

How to prepare

  1. step 1

    Mix the crushed biscuits with the vegetables and arrange them in a tray

  2. step 2

    In a food processor, mix the ingredients for the second layer, then distribute them evenly over the biscuit layer and put it in the oven for 10 minutes at 180 degrees.

  3. step 3

    Mix the ingredients for the third layer in the food processor and place them on the previous layer

  4. step 4

    Place it in the oven from the top for 18 minutes at 180 degrees

  5. step 5

    Take it out and leave it to cool and serve