Ice Cream Cake

Meal Details

  • No. : 450
  • Date : 09-08-2018
  • Category : Dessert
  • Level : Novice
  • Estimated Duration : 30 Min.
  • Persons : 6



  • Ready Made Cake
  • ice cream - vanilla
  • 4 sachets Oreo biscuits
  • chocolate with milk
  • dark chocolate - optional


1- Mix the cake as it is mentioned on the pack then Divide the mixture into two parts then bake them.

2- Crush the Oreo after taking the filling off.

3- In a bowl, Mix 6 scopes of ice cream with the crushed Oreo then place it in a mold that has the same size as your cake size then freeze it for 2 hours.

4- Melt some chocolate chip in the microwave. Try to do it in steps so you are sure that it is completely melted.

5- Assemble a layer of cake followed by ice cream followed by layer of cake then decorate it with melted chocolate and Oreo

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