Girls Movie Night Party

Meal Details

  • No. : 364
  • Date : 28-01-2018
  • Category : Sandwiches and Pastries
  • Level : Novice
  • Estimated Duration : 40 Min.
  • Persons : 8




1- For Nutella Pizza:

  1. Flatten 2 puff pastry slices from all sides. Use a mold on paste. With a roller, cut it a bit bigger than the mold. Roll the edges, put it in the oven tray, and pinch it with a fork.
  2. Put it inside the oven on 200 c.
  3. Take it out, rub the Nutella, spread the marshmallow, put it back in the oven, light up the upper flames, until the marshmallows become reddish, then take it out and spread some powdered cacao on top.


2- For the salted pizza:

  1. Take already prepared Pizza, and spread Pizza sauce, Rumi pepper, olives, mozzarella cheese on top, and put inside the oven.


3- To make The Popcorn:

  1. put the popcorn in the electric fryer, when it cools down, spread the buffalo sauce and mix it.
  2. In cups: put some lettuce, and a stick for each cup.


4- For the chips’ dip:

2 yogurt cups

1 tbs Mayonnaise

A pinch of thyme and sumac

Lemon juice

And samak on the surface for decoration 


Bon appetitsmiley

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